Happy Birthday Pop! What a long, strange trip it has been.


In teams of 2 or 3…

73 Calorie assault bike (90 on Schwinn)

73 D-Ball over shoulder (alternate shoulders)

*All team members must complete all reps.

**Teams can break up reps any way they want and perform work in any order.

***If Assualt or schwinn is used, calories rowed


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  1. Edward E Decker says:

    This was another in a long line of birthday workouts Doug designed for me and the box. Last year we had 72 turkish getups (don’t ask). Year before that it was 71 manmakers. I tried to get him to change that to be politically correct — people makers. Doug insisted that because I was a man, manmakers it was.

    Great to have your son be a coach, friend, and partner in a birthday WOD. Not something i want to do every day, but once yearly is great. Thanks Doug!

  2. Jim H says:

    Good job today Ed. You are an inspiration. When I grow up I want to be like Ed!!

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