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What We Believe:

At Vertical Limit Fitness we constantly strive for Better! Better mind, function, fitness, capacity and community.
We believe…Better capacity in fitness helps make us better in all the other areas of life.
We believe…that Better is not a project but a lifelong process.
We believe…that dedication, hard work and consistency is the key to this process
We believe…in reaching for new heights
We believe…in each other
We believe…in BETTER!

What We’ve Done:

2015 Battle at the Ballpark Masters Champion
2014 Battle at the Ballpark 1st place Team (Scaled Division) - Hosted by CrossFit T-Town and Tulsa Drillers
2013 Fields of Teams, 1st place Team (Scaled Division) - Hosted by CrossFit Kilo
2013 Battle of the Redlands, Women's Scaled Division Champion - Hosted by Next Generation CrossFit
2013 New Comers Competition: Top Podium Finishers - Hosted by CrossFit Vital

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