Who We Are

Vertical Limit Fitness was founded by Doug Decker in 2010, on the premise and underlying mission to: Help people to Better, however each person may define that word for themselves. At Vertical, we believe in Better! It is our foundational message. It is what we strive for daily.

Through regular continuing education, Doug is constantly reaching for Better. He does so, to ensure that everyone he and his staff interact with, inside and outside of the training center, can Become Better as well, providing longevity of a high quality life. Our human bodies have inherent and genetic disposition to movement. However, over the years we tend to lose the quality of movement we were born with and often times find that life has somehow reduced our quality of life and health and wellness.

At Vertical Limit Fitness, the daily goal is to help everyone they can; Move Better, Train Better and Become Better. By doing so, we fight against aging and chronic disease and provide improved health and wellness for a BETTER life, not only during training, but more importantly, outside of the box at work, in play and in the home.

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