Today, more than others, we remember what we are Thankful for. We express our gratitude for positives in our lives. So, even if today you may have reasons to find it hard to be thankful, know that I am thankful that God made each and every one of you reading this. We interact with others,  read things and hears things for a reason. And if anyone needs a reason to be thankful today, use: the love of Jesus…that none of us deserve but receive, the shining sun, a meal, a place to rest, someone to talk to, a cup of coffee or even just this note as your source for thankfulness.

Thank you for sharing this year, your lives, and this time and place with me. And thanks be to God for all He has done, is doing and is going to do in my life (loving wife, son, family, friends) BUT, more so in all of yours.