Good Morning! How did we all do with week #1 of the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge?

You will find the first weeks tips at the bottom of the email. But first this weeks tips:

Week 2 Tips: In no particular order

  • Increase the removal of certain foods from 1 meal a day to none at all for 1 to 2 full days.
    • That means, if you decided to cut out bread once a day, cut it out from all meals for one entire day now. or if you had Ice Cream every night, and you cut it out of 1 night, make it 3 nights now.
  • As we already downloaded the My Fitness Pal App, NOW we want to use it to track our Macros.
    • When you log in, you can put in your weight, etc and choose what you want to do. You can Lose Weight, Gain Weight or Maintain. Select the Maintain or the Lose Weight. It will in turn, suggest how you break up your protein, carbs and fat percentages for each day. USE IT!
    • I Suggest you go a little higher on Protein and HEALTHY Fats, over carbs. something like (40% protein, 30% HEALTHY Fat, 30% Carbs – REMEMBER OUR CARBS SHOULD COME FROM VEGGIES AND FRUITS)
  • If your carbs come from starches (breads, pastas, cereals, etc) That is step #3. Start to reduce the intake of starches and switch to using fruits and veggies for your carb intake.
    • Fruits in the morning and lunch, veggies lunch to dinner
  • finally, PREP YOUR MEALS! Even if it is just brekafast and Lunch. By prepping them and knowing your percentages of each meal will help. It will literally take less than 1 hour. DO IT!


Week 1 tips:


  • Download the MY FITNESS PAL App on your mobile device
  • Take the extra 4-5 minutes every meal to put your food items into the app
  • Track your current calorie intake and foods you are eating


  • Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day


  • Pick just 1 item to start cutting out of your meals.  (bread, alcohol, sugar, potatoes, etc)
  • Start with cutting that out of  just 1 meal a day. Then try to up it to 2 meals a day by the end of the week


NOW GO GET SET FOR SUCCESS THIS WEEK! Look to your emails Vertnation for a great article to read and use.

Coach D