Core Foundations

In Fitness but more importantly in Life: Symmetry, Stabilization, Motor Control, Mobility, Good Movement, are critical to ensuring safety and longevity of health and wellness. Likewise, they are all crucial to developing strength and capacity in each of us. These are not just the CORE pieces, but also require a strong physical CORE a well. In CORE FOUNDATIONS, we work towards a stronger bottom line. That is, a stronger core overall AND stronger individual pieces (extremities/limbs). In CORE FOUNDATIONS, you will work your full body, sometimes independently from each other and other times as a whole, in a completely new manner. You will use sandbags, kettlebells, Sandbells, body weight, sleds, tires, aerobic machines such as Air Bikes and Rowers, and assistance bands. Your movement is broken down into the basic or CORE movements that we must be able to perform on a regular basis. CORE FOUNDATIONS will set the stage for optimal performance and proper development of movement and strength in the safest and most enjoyable way possible.


Basecamp: Bootcamp

Looking to begin your journey of fitness? Wanting to tone-up, lose-fat or just do something a little bit out of the norm? Looking for a fun, energetic, group-style workout that can ramp up your cardio capacity and intensity level OR get you ready for the next level? BaseCamp is here! BaseCamp is an indoor/outdoor functional fitness program, designed to jump start you on your road to better fitness and overall health and wellness! During this program, you will receive guidance on proper technique in foundational movements for body-weight exercises, kettlebell and medicine ball training, all with an emphasis on; conditioning, agility, mobility and core strength, along with guidance on feeding the body for performance and results. Programming will vary each session and will produce the optimum results for each participant, beginner to advanced. This fun, results-driven program (through your developed goals) is fast paced and dynamic.  All fitness levels are encouraged to participate. All movements can be scaled per each person’s abilities. BaseCamp will change the way you look at functional fitness training and the way you look, feel, think about and perform in life.


Vertical X

Vertical X is a strength and conditioning program that builds a broad physical fitness level (HEALTH AND WELLNESS) for all of life’s challenges. With a blend of bodyweight, weightlifting, and aerobic endurance, we do not stay to just one way of training. It will never plateau. It is fun, creative, and, most importantly, IT WORKS! We teach you to do everyday things better than before, all while developing a base of strength and stamina on which you can build an active, healthy lifestyle. We do this in a community setting that encourages one another and shares its successes; a community we want you to become a part of.

All fitness levels are encouraged to participate and all movements can be scaled or modified per each person’s abilities. Vertical Limit Fitness will become a place you want to be and will change the way you think about, look at and feel about: exercise, functional fitness, movement, life and yourself.


Private Training Sessions

Available in 16 session packages (2x/week for 2 months) only. Individualized/custom programming based on your personal health and fitness goals.

We are fully committed to helping you reach your goals and expect nothing less than the same commitment in return.


Vertical Response Training

Vertical Response Training (VRT) is the ultimate training program specifically designed to assist athletes in increasing their vertical jump. This is accomplished by improving their overall strength and speed. To jump higher you MUST be Strong and Fast!

The beauty of training for strength and speed through VRT is that the athlete will also increase their stamina and stability (injury prevention) adding to their level of superiority on the court or field of play, while also learning to move properly through the full range of motion. An asset that will last them their entire lifetime.

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