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Malynn 1A year and a half ago, I walked into an old crossfit gym, now functional fitness center, with @samanthawillis11 totally unaware of the passion and community I would develop there. The journey has been incredible and the people have changed me in many ways. Their methodology has this outstanding ability to push you to your limit by just picking up the barbell and doing HARD WORK. Whether it’s “Karen” or “Murph” or just a max weight, the mental toughness I’ve developed is probably my proudest achievement. From day 1, I wanted to lift heavy, but I was pushed to be patient. Pushed to learn that the little things can make or break a lift. Taught that a hook grip can make all the difference in the world.

This gym has turned into a second home. @verticaldoug1 your ability to instill confidence and your outstanding knowledge on lifting has allowed me to correct poor form and workout without causing injury! Something that I was very afraid of when I started. You passion for fitness is contagious. You truly don’t get enough recognition. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! Thank you for not letting me put the bar down. To everyone else…y’all are awesome!! You make working out feel like a family. Your community and constant encouragement have allowed me to hit lifts I couldn’t do on my own.

Malynn 2I walked in not wanting to have a dramatic change, not wanting to transform. And to some, these pictures don’t look like much on the outside. Yes, I wasn’t super happy with my body, but that wasn’t my priority. I just wanted to start moving again and have fun. Soon after, I started to see little differences that lead to a desire for more. More muscle. More speed. Better eating. More days in the gym and less days off. I am only down 19 lbs, but am the strongest/fittest I’ve ever been. I can hike thousands of feet and not stop because I’m tired, but just cause I want to take the view in. I can work a 12 hour shift and lift patients with ease. Most of all, I can look at myself in the mirror everyday and say, “Your a strong, badass, heavy weightlifting, beautiful woman. Be proud.” This is where I got better. This is where I’ll continue to get stronger. #crossfit #womenwholift #stronger #verticalfitness#liftheavythings @Vertical Limit Fitness

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