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Consistent & Encouraging coaching along your journey to be better

We Believe in Better

At Vertical Limit Fitness we constantly strive for Better!
Better mind, function, fitness, capacity and community.

We believe…Better capacity in fitness helps make us better
in all the other areas of life.

We believe…that Better is not a project but a lifelong process.

We believe…that dedication, hard work and
consistency is the key to this process

We believe…in reaching for new heights

We believe…in each other
We believe…in BETTER!

“Vertical Limit is the perfect place for me. The coaches are very supportive, focusing on our form to help us continue to get stronger each time we work out. I appreciate the continuous encouragement the coaches give us during each workout. The atmosphere is one of positivity, encouragement and hard work. In just 3 short months I am much stronger, feel great and am wearing smaller sizes!” – Wendi Fisher

“This gym has changed my life and I have found a new purpose though this gym. This place is so encouraging and the community is so positive and uplifting. The coaching and programming is solid and you will not regret giving this box a try.. You’ll be hooked. #vertical4life” – Annalise Randall